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Patrick as a Teacher

Patrick is excited to teach piano to students of all ages (3-80), levels, and interests. Patrick's students have ranged from winners of competitions to casual beginners who are simply looking to build a solid foundation  for a life-long love of music.

As a teacher, Patrick understands that each student requires their own approach and instruction. Whether a student is interested in auditioning for a local school or scholarship, is learning piano as a foundation for another instrument, is a retiree looking to enjoy their favorite songs, or is a young child simply wondering what it is like to play piano - Patrick believes it is essential to foster a life-long relationship with music.

People enjoy playing music when they do it well. Patrick works with young students to develop a foundation of healthy practice habits and solid technical skills. With the proper training, students can take music wherever their passion leads them.

Patrick's Training & Qualifications

Patrick holds a BA in Music and MM in Piano Performance, and has received pedagogical training in a variety of disciplines related to playing piano (including Dalcroze Eurhythmics, the Feldenkreis Method, the Alexander Technique, and a variety of piano methods). He has over 15 years of private teaching experience, and has instructed classes for students ranging in age from Elementary School to College.

Patrick is currently a member of of MTNA, SCMTA, and CMTA; consequently, his students have a number of opportunities to perform and experience music in. Patrick's students regularly participate in the Charleston Achievement Day, in SC District and State competitions, successfully audition in to the Charleston School of the Arts, and participate in a number of casual and fun learning and performing opportunities. Patrick's students are provided with the opportunities to take their love for music in any direction.

Parent Testimonials


My children have both been taking piano lessons from Patrick Boyle for close to five years. He is technically savvy, continues to perform himself and pays it forward through teaching. Not only is he extremely well versed, but I am continually impressed with the way he considers my children's personalities so that they can each reach their full potential.

Thank you, Patrick!               

- Courtenay N.B.



Patrick has been teaching my daughter for two years. He has been a wonderful teacher to her. He can tell when she needs to be pushed, but also knows when to be more gentle. My daughter has really enjoyed her lessons with Patrick!

- Elizabeth S.

I am an adult student of Patrick's. He has taught me for the past 2.5 years. Patrick is a great teacher, is patient, and very knowledgeable. He has a great sense of humor. I have made great progress under his tutelage. You can't go wrong with Patrick!

- Mary P.

My son has been studying piano for several years, and has been under Patrick's piano instruction for just over a year, now. We have been so pleased and feel it has been the best decision we have made. Patrick is excellent at communicating ideas, instruction, intention, and expectations clearly, and in a way that makes sense for children. He works strategically to ensure that my son is challenged fairly, gives clear expectations for future sessions, pushes him appropriately to achieve next-level experience, encourages him, listens, is actively engaged, enthusiastic, and invested. He utilizes teaching techniques that appeal to every kind of learner. 

My son earned a piano placement in School of the Arts for 6th grade, and I know that Patrick's piano instruction and music theory helped my son to be exceptionally prepared for this experience. We are so pleased with our experience. I recommend Patrick to anyone with a child interested in learning piano, or looking for an instructor who is knowledgeable, excellent at communicating with children, and an absolutely fantastic instructor.

- Jenny P.

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